Leadership focused on Affordable Housing, Infrastructure, Preserving Natural Resources

Surrounded by family, friends and strong supporters, Maui County Councilmember Don Guzman, who currently holds the seat for the Kahului residency area, announced his candidacy for Mayor of Maui County, which was received by enthusiastic applause from over 700 supporters at his campaign kick-off at the packed Wailuku Community Center.

Now in his third term as councilmember, Guzman said this move was strongly considered to ensure continuity of the positive impact of his work in legislation. As Mayor, Guzman said his leadership can bring the right balance for the community to address the crisis in affordable housing and infrastructure, while preserving the county’s natural resources and cultural heritage. Prioritizing the community plans with valuable public input and deliberation is a must, he said.

Guzman said, “My work on the Council helped retain precious coastal open space and park lands, supported economic diversification by removing barriers for our farmers and small businesses, and maintained a momentum on alternative energy.” He went on to say, “As Mayor, I will continue to advocate for a transparent and efficient government that is accountable and has integrity for its actions. Government needs to restore trust and serving as Mayor should be absent of arrogance and the willingness to listen. It is the mayor’s duty to consider all sides, consult with knowledgeable people and build coalitions to achieve goals, which is exactly how I would describe my leadership style.”

In addition to legislation he has authored, and countless debates where his research and professional experience had proven to be instrumental, it was Guzman who took the initiative in the creation of the Maui Agricultural Working Group – an informal advisory group of farmers and experts, which has provided significant contributions in County policy-making.

Guzman is an attorney and former Maui County prosecutor. He left his practice in 2012 to serve on the county council, where he chaired committees dealing with the environment, agriculture, parks and recreation, economic development and litigation. He served as Council Vice-Chair from 2014-2016.

“Our county needs a Mayor that will listen to the people of Maui County, has the ability to respect opinions, and courage to embrace new ideas in our changing economic landscape,” he said. “It is crucial to have a mayor who can be objective and fair, be able to speak to the divided community yet maintain aloha for everyone.”

“I am grateful to have the competence in this endeavor, a character imbued with honest values and a top-notch team dedicated in making a positive impact for all those that call Maui County our home,” he said.

“I’m excited to once again earn the trust of the residents – young and old to serve our community as its Mayor. I care deeply about our community and believe that by working together we can continue to do even more to support the well-being of our families. My focus and commitment will be to further our community’s interest with a sense of fairness, dignity and respect. I have the experience and dedication to help create a positive future.”

Don Guzman, 48, is married to Wailuku physician, Dr. Rose Guzman, and they have three beautiful children – Reese, Nealon and Andrew. For more information on how to support the Don Guzman for Mayor Campaign, visit donguzmanmaui.com.